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The biggest massage shop in Kansai!

Dotonbori KORI-RELAX

~ Namba Dotonbori Massage ~ Flagship shop


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Our shop is on the 5th&6th floor of the “Yoshinoya” building next to  the famous shopping street “Dotonbori Neon Street” in Osaka.

24-hour opened.

You can come here and get your body relaxed anytime you like.

★5F: Relaxing Massage & Foot Massage

★6F: Private room for beauty treatment

Spacious 2-floor shop

There are 20 beds totally. Groups, couples, families are welcomed.

Reasonable price, skilled staffs.

Body relaxing massage, oil massage, foot massage, and facial treatments are available.

Main Menu

Relaxing massage

(without using oil)

for 60 minutes

The massage therapists will help you relax your muscles with their thumbs and wrists according to your physical condition. This is good for restoring the balance of the body. Recommended for guests with shoulder inflammation, backache, body fatigue.

This service is provided by a female massage therapist

3,080 YEN

Aromatherapy Massage for 60 minutes

Massaging the body with the fragrant and moisturizing oils can relieve tension. Meanwhile, it can promote the blood circulation, dredge the lymph and speed up the metabolism. Remove the waste out of your body, refresh your body and mind.

4,180 YEN

Foot Massage (Reflexology) for 30 minutes

There are so many important acupuncture points on the sole that we call it “the second heart”. Foot massage aims to improve the natural healing ability by stimulating the acupuncture points on the soles. It can also ease the blood flow, dredge the lymph, and promote physical fitness.

1,870 YEN

Traditional Thai massage for 60 minutes

Traditional Thai massage is like the two-person yoga, which concentrates on stretching. This can help you relieve fatigue and improve natural healing ability.

3,630 YEN

Dotonbori Special Massage Package for 155 minutes

Aromatherapy massage 90 minutes & relaxing massage (without oils) 60 minutes massage

※ Free foot bath for 5 minutes

※ This service is provided by a female massage therapist

8,800 YEN

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5F 2-1-1 Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka,

大阪府大阪市中央区道頓堀 2-1-1フルーツタワービル5階

Opening Hours

Our shop is open 24 hours, all year round!

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